The Basics

  • In the Island select the next event you wish to takle. When you hover over an active location, a tooltip will explain what kind of event is happening there and the possible rewards.
  • Diogenes has a limited space in his inventory but he loves his treasures. Many events yield new items for Diogenes and if he is uncapable of taking an item, this will drive him insane.
  • As Diogenes becomes insane, the enemies get tougher. Death is game over (Note that you won't regenerate health after a fight. You can only regenerate health at certain events)
  • Items might improve Diogenes stats or even give him new abilities (if you hover over an item in, a tooltip will explain some of its effects).


  • In your turn, you need to select the appropiate amount of cards to activate an ability (if you hover over your abilities a tooltip will explain its effects).
    • Every Sword card acts as a red token
    • Every Shield card acts as a blue token
    • Every Orb card acts as a magenta token
  • As a rule of thumb, Sword token are used for physical attacks, Orbs for magical attacks and Shields regenerate your shield.
  • Your shield blocks damage (after applying resitances). Any remaining shield points disappear at the beggining of your turn.
  • You can select the enemy you are attacking by clicking on it
  • Every 5 events you complete allows you to draw one more card


  • There is an event where you can drop items from your inventory or pick up new items
  • Droping an item from your inventory increases Diogenes insanity and picking up a new one decreases insanity (He loves his toys!)

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