Club Ludum is a real time battle game where you try to keep the party alive by hype-ing and recruiting background dancers from the dancefloor using your secret DJ techniques.


Made in 48-hours from the Ludum Dare Compo by Jordi Tudela Alcacer using:
- Unity 2019.3.7f1 Personal
- Photoshop
- Audition
- Bosca Ceoil


# Controls

When the ATB is full (as indicated by the yellow lamp) you can perform a secret DJ technique:
- [Q] [A]: Use a basic technique (slightly inrease hype on 1 dancer)
- [W] [Z]: Use a first tier technique and consume 1 bar of Music Power (as indicated by the blue lamp).
- [E]:     Use a second tier technique and consume 2 bars of Music Power (as indicated by the blue lamp).
- [R]:     Use the ultimate technique and consume 4 bars of Music Power (as indicated by the blue lamp).

**The techniques depend on the music style**

Change the music style:
- [1] / [4]: change the music style.

Other controls:
- [H]: display the help panel with aditional information (it also slows time)
- [M]: go back to the main menu

# Directions

- You *LOSE* when the last background dancer leaves. 
- The background dancers will leave from time to time.
- You need to recruit dancers by hype-ing them up (hypemeter full).
- New dancers keep comming regularly (you can see them through the back windows). They will take a spot on the dancefloor if there's room available. If there's no available spots, they will go somewhere else (without penalty).
- Dancers on the showfloor are bad mannered and they will use nasty moves to increase their boredoom.
- If a dancer becomes bored (snoozemeter is full), they will leave (and you won't be able to recruit them).
- You *WIN* when the morning comes (ie. there are no new arrivals - after about 16 people)
- When the prefered music style of a dancer is playing, they will become entranced. Entranced dancers don't use any moves when their ATB gets full but any moves against them are inneffective.

# Your techniques

- [W] [Z]: the target becomes more susceptible to get hyped (next hype action against them gets +1).
- [E]:     1 hype to everyone.
- [R]:     Every dancer becomes a Disco fan.

- [W] [Z]: Extra hype to the target (ie. +2 hype to them).
- [E]:     Slightly removes boredom from everyone.
- [R]:     Removes all the target's boredom.

- [W] [Z]: Changes the target's next action to tantrum (+1 boredom to self)
- [E]:     Stuns the target for 2 turns. A stunned target won't attack.
- [R]:     Stuns everyone for a turn.

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